Hiking paradise Bad Münder

Bad Münder Deister Süntel Valley offers itself as an ideal starting point for hikes in the region and as a way point on your remote migration. Numerous hiking trails through Bad Münder, Deister and Süntel:

  • Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1
  • Weserbergland Wanderweg
  • Internationaler Fernwanderweg Harz – Niederlande
  • Nienburg – Bad Gandersheim (Roswithaweg)
  • Lauenau – Bennigsen
  • Bad Münder – Elze


Cycling on the Deisterkreisel

At about 100 km cycling adventure in the Deister, the northern German Mittelgebirge, you can look forward now. The well-marked path leads through winding and narrow streets of the town of Bad Münder, Rodenberg, Bad Nenndorf, Barsinghausen, Wennigsen and Springe. The routes lead past stations, so that not only a comfortable arrival is possible, you can plan the length of your individually.

The company MOVELO holds throughout Weserbergland about 100 e-bikes at 39 rental stations ready. In a nationwide network of rental and battery changing stations you can discover the entire region. Nothing you can spend more, neither hill nor valley, whether flat or steep. More on this can be found on pages of Bad Münder.

Have fun visiting the page of Deisterkreisel, via the following link:

Rohmel-outdoor pool

In the Rohmel-outdoor pool you can swim from May to September, the outdoor pool is only two minutes from the hotel Goldenes M. The Rohmelbad offers plenty of fun and entertainment. The water for the swimming pool from the Rohmelquelle is ecologically heated by a solar absorber system. In three pools (for children, non-swimmer and swimmer pool) is guaranteed every visitor at his own expense. To pass the time between your bath times, additional offers are available such as beach volleyball and football.

Opening times of Rohmel-outdoor pool are:
From May to September

  • Tue – Fri: 6:00 – 20:00 and
  • Sat – Mon 8:00 – 20:00

in July and August the Rohmelfreibad

  • Mo. – Fr. open in the evenings until 22:00

The diving board is closed at 19:00, with consideration for the swimmers.

More informations

18-hole minigolf center

The link to GC Am Deister

Mini golf training center Bad Münder

Mini golf training center Bad Münder with national and international championships
2012 the Youth Nations Cup and the World Junior Championships in Minigolf were held here.

In 2013 we are looking forward to the Nations Cup from 18 to 19 May and the World Cup of men and women from 21 to 24 August.

The link to the mini-golf course

The Link to Mini Golf Championship

High Ropes Course Springe

Between Bad Münder and Springe, the high ropes course was built in 2000/2001 and since constantly expanding. There are many different activities which can be carried out in small and large groups. Have fun while visiting the site with the following link.

The link to the high ropes course Springe

Steinhuder Sea

The Steinhuder Sea is the largest inland waters Nordwestdeutschlands embedded in the nature reserve and bird sanctuary. There is a lot on foot, by bike or by boat. A special experience is the island Wilhelmstein, and the sunsets on Lake Steinhude.

Have fun while visiting the site with the following link: