1. Conclusion of contract
(a) were between the guest and the hotel „Goldenes M“, a contract is subject to the following conditions, as long as the rooms, areas, other services have been ordered and confirmed by hotel „Goldenes M“. The same applies if the hotel „Goldenes M“ reservations confirmed in writing and there was a reconfirmation by the guest.
(b) is requested for reservation by the hotel „Goldenes M“ a deposit or advance payment and this is not paid on time within the agreed period, the reservation confirmation is irrelevant.
(c) If the purchaser is a merchant and is therefor by him registered guests / participants, so he is responsible for any liabilities incurred herewith.
(d) differs from the reservation confirmation from the content of the application, so the contents of the confirmation of the contract, if the guest has not objected immediately, at the latest upon acceptance of the services.
(e) to 3 days before arrival or event contact the property „Goldenes M“ the number and possibly the Attendee List For registration of more persons, groups, travel and seminar events.
(f) Political events are to be marked clearly in the application.
(g) The use of rooms, display cases and other areas for consideration. The transfer of the same to third parties is only permitted with approval of the hotel „Goldenes M“.

2. Arrival and departure
(a) Unless otherwise agreed, the reference room (check-in time) must be carried out until 11:00 the day of departure not before 14:00 the day of arrival and the room return (check-out time).
(b) In a planned departure after 11:00 the guest should inform the reception. Unless the hotel „Goldenes M“ agrees, on departure to 18:00 half the room and on departure after 18.00 is to pay the full room.
(c) The arrival at the reserved rooms must take place by 18:00. Failing to do so, the hotel „Goldenes M“ may otherwise dispose of the rooms. Excluded are: reservations, the prepaid or specified for a credit card number of cards that the hotel „Goldenes M“ credit card company, this fee will be until 21:00 (reception circuit) possible.

3. Services
(a) The contractual scope of services of the hotel arises from the prospectus or the agreements made.
(b) If the guest does not, for whatever reason, one of the meals to complete, he is entitled to neither a claim for reimbursement, not even pro rata, or a reduction.
(c) The specified in the brochure or other lists prices include service charge and VAT currently in force. If during the contract period the rate of VAT applicable, the hotel „Goldenes M“ is entitled to adjust prices to the new VAT rate.
(d) For events which go beyond the agreed time, a service charge is levied per employee, plus any of the night work surcharge is calculated on the basis of hourly rate + utilities.

4. Payment
(a) Unless otherwise agreed, the charges payable on reservations when you arrive, otherwise, with the departure of the guest.
(b) For a stay of more than 3 days the hotel „Goldenes M“ may issue an interim invoice.
(c) If the guest with his payment in arrears, the hotel may cancel the agreement with immediate effect. The assertion of other damage, in particular the failure of re-letting, the hotel „Goldenes M“ remains reserved.
(d) If a guest cuts short his stay, he is still obliged, unless he can prove that the hotel „Goldenes M“ has failed an adequate subleases to pay the remaining compensation.
(e) Place of performance for payment obligations of the guest is the seat of the hotel. This also applies if the guest has been granted credit.
(f) payments made by credit card companies, checks or drafts are subject to clearance.

5. Cancellations
Cancellations of reservations made possible as follows:
(a) to 9 persons Logis
– Arrangements: A cancellation up to 22 days before arrival free of charge. In the period between the 21st and 15th day before the arrival date the hotel „Goldenes M“ calculated 50% of the package price, with those between the 14th and 4th day before arrival 70% of the package price. From the 3rd day before the arrival date 80% of the same. The guest his arrangement does not take part, so 90% of the price will be due.
– Hotel rooms: a cancellation is up to 2 days prior to arrival free of charge. For cancellations after the 2nd day prior to arrival or in case of the absence of the guest, the price of the first night will be charged. Excluded are the days of a trade show or other major events in the region. In these times, a cancellation only until 30 days prior to arrival is free, otherwise the hotel „Goldenes M“ calculated 80% of the accommodation demand for the period booked.
(b) Logis of 10 people (group arrangements).
Cancellation is free of charge if it is made up to 30 days prior to arrival. If the cancellation by the 20th day prior to arrival, 20% of logistics or package price, and in such until the 10th day 80% of the same and at a to 3 days prior to arrival 90% of the logistics or package price due.
(c) the reservation more than 200 Logis nights, so the preceding extend deadlines by 5 days ago.

6. Liability
(a) The guest or the organizers are liable to the hotel „Goldenes M“ for damages caused by him or his guests damage.
(b) the hotel „Goldenes M“ to the guest or the contracting party shall not be liable if the performance in the event of a strike or force majeure is impossible. The hotel „Goldenes M“ strives in these cases to another provider of similar services.
(c) the hotel „Goldenes M“ is liable to the guest according to the provisions of the Civil Code.
(d) Bring the guest a car with, and this will be parked in a parking space provided by the hotel „Goldenes M“, the liability to this finalized in the host liability insurance limited. From guest to insure any articles brought against theft or damage or destruction, the guest is responsible for himself. A liability of HOTEL „Goldenes M“ is excluded.

7. Termination
(a) If the guest uses the him licensed premises to another than the agreed purpose, so the hotel „Goldenes M“ is an extraordinary right to.
(b) Does the hotel „Goldenes M“ reasonable grounds to believe that an event might jeopardize the smooth operation, security or reputation of the hotel or the guests at risk and in the event of force majeure or internal disturbances, the hotel „Goldenes M „terminate the contract also without notice.
(c) The same is true if an organizer places advertisements without consent from HOTEL „Goldenes M“ in a daily newspaper serving the invitations to interviews or sales events. In these cases, the hotel „Goldenes M“ is entitled to the agreed compensation in the event of dismissal is to.

8. Miscellaneous
(a) Animals are allowed only after previous agreement from the hotel „Goldenes M“ and against payment of a surcharge. In public spaces Pets are not allowed.
(b) Wake-up calls, information, mail and merchandise deliveries are non-binding. Claims of any kind from the host can not be inferred.
(c) Lost property (property left behind) will be forwarded on request against reimbursement of costs. The storage period is 6 months.
(d) In the case of free transport of the guest by the hotel „Goldenes M“, the liability on the basis of car insurance is limited to persons and property.
(e) In events that bring food and beverages is excluded.
The decoration of event space requires a special agreement, provided that it is not merely to table decoration.

9. General
(a) In addition to our terms and conditions apply to wireless users the Conditions of HOTSPLOTS GmbH Berlin
(b) Verbal agreements are only valid if they have been confirmed by the hotel „Goldenes M“ in writing.
(c) For any disputes arising from this contract and its performance, the extent legally permissible, the seat of the hotel is deemed agreed.
(d) Should any of these provisions be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a valid provision as close as possible to her. (e) the right to correct errors and printing and calculation errors are excepted.


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